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Official repair center for Lenovo and others?

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    Question Official repair center for Lenovo and others?

    Can anyone tell me the where i can take my Lenovo if i have any problems with it? I heard it was in causeway bay but i might be wrong.

    In addition does anyone have a list of brand name laptops/desktops with the respective repair centers? (toshiba, HP, Compaq,etc.) With the hike in rent prices it seems like all these repair centers are forced to relocate as well.

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    Sorry, feel like an ass asking that question but in case people want to know

    Center (for hardware repair service)
    Room 1403-5, 14/F,
    Chinachem Exchange Square,
    1 Hoi Wan Street,
    Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

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    Just to add that I've recently used that Lenovo repair centre and it was pretty efficient. And a replacement motherboard and hard disk for my T41 was only $3000, which was a fraction of what a new notebook would have cost.

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    I've used the HK Lenovo centre three times (due to owning a Thinkpad T41, which was a real dog of a series). The service centre was fantastic, with turnaround times of about 3 days. The techie who was fixing my laptop called me directly each time to follow up on my questions or to explain something.

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