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PCCW modem with TPLINK router, Ports blocked except 80

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    PCCW modem with TPLINK router, Ports blocked except 80

    I cant seem to get any ports open.
    Im trying to setup a VPN to my NAS. All is good with my Dyndns host and NAS, but my modem router combo is most likely causing ports to be blocked.
    I use the PCCW modem because i have to I think. Attached via LAN to that is my new TP-LINK router.
    PCCW setup the my router and put in the my netvigator PPOE login details onto the router, not the modem. The router is managing the DHCP for my network, however i cannot turn off the DHCP on the modem.
    What i think i want to do is put the Modem in bridge mode, but alas the Silly PCCW modem doesn't have that function.
    PCCW will be around in a few days, i hope with a different modem in hand and some ideas how to put it into bridge mode.
    I know that at the ISP end they only block 4 ports. Not the ones that effect me.
    Any ideas why i cant open any ports other than 80 which seems to be automatically open. I have been into setup on both the modem and the router and set the port forwarding.
    I forwarded the ports to the NAS IP, I'm just thinking now, should i have forwarded the modem to the routers IP since it s assigning DHCP between the modem and the router?
    Any advice is welcome !

    For refrence the PCCW is the Wifi capable zxv10 w300, all black colour.
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    1. I think normally we put the PPPOE login detail in the router....
    2. You can do fix IP on your nas & PC and leave DHCP alone
    3. Not sure why you want bridge mode as bridge mode is for
    router A's wifi-----connect to-------router B's wifi
    4. I think all you need is proper port forwarding to get the VPN working (TCP?UDP?) double check nas IP (is it on DHCP or fixed) and port forwards on router, reboot everything and try again

    also leave your modem alone (its working fine if you can get on the internet), PCCW doesn't block ports at least I can VPN home on my netvigator
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    PCCW Modem plus My router, PORTS still blocked

    Thanks Yccchai<

    1. The PCCW router is reset with no information inserted into it.
    My TP-Link Router is setu[p with the PPPOE login information.
    2. I have a fixied IP on the NAS. The rest of the IP allocation from my TPLink Router seems to be going fine. No Conflicts.
    3. My BIG PROBLEM is the ports are all closed except for port 80. I thought the PCCW modem was SOMEHOW doing it.
    Whe you plug the PCCW black wifi modem into a router arent you creating somesort of conflict since that is basicaly one router plugged into another router.
    Is that a dual NAT?
    Is the PCCW modem providing an NAT eventhough it only has one client, the router?
    This Black Wifi modem PCCW has given me doesnt have many functions on its setup page.
    4. The modem is reset and works.
    5. I rest everything and checked the IP forwarding and its all correct.

    I have asked PCCW to change my modem. I have hadto cancel my WIFI ACCOUNT so that the technician is allowed to bring me a different model modem. Ill call back today to book an appointment for him to come.

    Thanks for your help

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    The PCCW modem has port forwarding (atleast the xDSL modem we had a few months ago). Use that to forward to the appropriate ports on your NAS.
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    PCCW, to my experience, has a long history of using very crappy and faulty hardware. The fact that they made you agree to let their technicians mess with your computers, and limit the connection to one computer should be a clear sign to stay away from PCCW. I remember when I made a special request to set up a connection to be shared across 2 PCs and they shortly rescinded the arrangement. When I called them to ask about it, they were completely unhelpful, accusing my hardware of being faulty.

    So yes, as soon as you can, cancel your subscription to Netvigator.

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    I'm not an expert but I think a modem is a modem. I just dials to PCCW node. The port forwarding should be at the router level. Modem shouldn't be filtering anything unless there is a setting in there doing that. I'm not sure what hardware you have. But the setup should be modem---TP Link router----NAS. Plug only ONE cable from the modem to router. Don't use any of their modem function other than to connect to PCCW. Do all port forwarding at router level and you should be fine.

    I have a feeling that your PCCW modem(cum router) has router setting in it. It should be removed either by hard reset etc. But then again it might not work if you remove all the setting.

    My fiber modem has 4 ports. So I believe there should be a DHCP router in there. I just use 1 cable hook it to the TP LInk to let TP Link get all the traffic from all ports and let TP link manage everything.

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    Thanks Again,

    I think you could be right about PCCW; however, I will persevere for now to be sure what the problem is.

    Re the setup I have!
    I have the PCCW New Bkack 2in one modem, that is a router and wireless access point. The setup page of this modem is very basic and there is no selection to turn of the DHCP functionality. The technicians seem to think that if the modem is not initialized and in factory default mode then router function will be off. I'm not convinced.
    I do only have one cable between the modem and the router. From the LAN port on modem to the Internet port on the router.
    I use a TP-link 750 dual band 3 antenna jobbie!
    Now I have cancelled my wifi account the technician is officially allowed to try a different modem from his van.
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