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Withdraw funds from Paypal to HSBC account

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    Withdraw funds from Paypal to HSBC account

    Today paypal reject our funds transfer to our HSBC savings account because of "invalid bank account information"

    Whats wrong in our paypal settings?

    bank name: HSBC
    account type: savings
    bank routing number: 004
    branch location: Tsim Sha Tsui
    branch number: 817
    account number: 02****

    My ideas:
    - Wrong bank name? Hong Kong Shanghai Bank... instead of HSBC?
    - Account number: Must add 838 at the end for savings account or 004 at the beginning?

    Im a little bit confused

    Thanks for help!

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    I cant see the details for our account, but it does have the 838 at the end (Can only see the last four digits).

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    Your HSBC ATM card will have a number that looks like this:


    The Branch number is 111
    The account number is 222222333
    The bank number (004) is correct

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    Thanks for your advice...

    now it works

    The 838 (saving account) at the end of the account-no. was missing

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    Dear friends

    when i try to add bank account it say
    Add a Bank Account in the United States

    :Country:United States

    is that ok?

    and how to change it to hong kong

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    Maybe depends on where you are located.
    My company located in HK so i could choose from bank in US or HK.

    Call Paypal HK hotline:


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