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scrapbook / craft store in hongkong?

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    Red face scrapbook / craft store in hongkong?

    guys, do you know where is the scrapbook / craft store in hk? if u know, pls share the info, thanks

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    This is only one I know of that's still going. All the others I heard of have closed down. Perhaps not a popular hobby in Hong Kong.

    HK Memory Chest - Home

    This place sells artists' materials but might have some items useful for you:

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    I work for hong kong memory chest and we are still very open.

    We have a location in Discovery Bay and have just opened a new shop in Shung wan

    our website is HK Memory Chest - Home

    We also do lots of classes for adults and kids!

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    thanks for the reply

    @ Claire ex-ax : Artland shop's product is expensive isn't? btw i'm looking for punches, i ever heard it sell in ladies market, do you know about it?

    @ Globetrottingurl : hi, thanks i already check the web, do you have puncher in the store? are the products in web is always up to date? because i'm living outside hk now

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    Check out Paper Art.


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