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where to buy garden furniture

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    where to buy garden furniture

    does anyone know where to buy garden furniture/barbeque (or even disposable bbq) from?


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    Aloha has garden furniture and grills. Tend to be on the slightly more expensive side ..

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    Disposable BBQ's are available at Wing On - we bought some there last Saturday. Bigger Park'nShops should have them as well.
    There are plenty of shops in Horizon Plaza (Ap Lei Chau) selling garden furniture as well as BBQ's.

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    Outdoor Items


    I got some nice Brown Jordan outdoor furniture want to get rid of due to the tiny small garden won’t fit that big furniture, please let me know if it fit for your home.

    I got 2 nos. of armchair, coffee table, round table and 4 chair, they all made in aluminum frame with fabric cushion, and are reasonable condition, you can go to for more info. However, all items I got are old model, so it is not on the product list on web.

    By the way, I also got a medium size gas BBQ stove, one charcoal stove, one smoke BBQ and some import plastic table and chair.

    Please drop me note at if interested, thanks


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