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how much mandatory provident fund paid by Cathay Pacific?

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    how much mandatory provident fund paid by Cathay Pacific?

    a friend of mine recently offered a ground position in Cathay Pacific airway in hong kong. her employer paid only effectively 1% of her base salary, while flying position such as Second officer is being paid 15.5%. is this normal difference between ground and flying positon in Cathay? also the annual leave is 18 days instead of 21 days for Second officer.

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    This question is much better asked in the Fragrant Harbour Wannabes forum over at PPRuNe Forums - Professional Pilots Rumour Network

    But I believe ground staff will get the legal minimum MPF (5% up to a cap of $1000 per month) and the pilots get much better deals. Pilots only fly a maximum of 90 hours a month as well. Presumably your friend works about 160 hours.

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    I'm curious, what ground position has your friend been offered?

    It's possible that the flight crews are on an ORSO plan rather than the MPF, which would explain the 15.5%

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