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Dim Sum in Causeway Bay

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    Dim Sum in Causeway Bay


    I am visiting HK again next weekend and looking to make lunch reservations for a Dim Sum resturant I always used to go to when I lived there...

    It's at the mall across the street from the Ikea in Causeway bay. I think it was on the 7th or 11th floor .

    Does anyone know the name of it???


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    Possibly it is this one....

    Tao Heung Super 88 Restaurant
    6/F Windsor House
    311 Gloucester Road,
    Causeway Bay
    Tel: 2831 9155

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    Cool! Thanks!

    Thats the one....!

    I actually lived in HK for a year and I almost exculsively went to this Dim Sum every couple of weekends for Sunday lunch. I like the view, its pretty cool little spot...

    ...wouldn't mind finding another well priced Dim Sum that has a comparable or better view though...

    anyone know of such a place?

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    5th floor or 6th floor. Same owners, 5th floor is slightly nicer, but slightly more expensive... kills anything west of it (aka, Central, admiraly etc...)
    We're there every weekend, and are very well known to the staff... the local VIP gweilos if you will

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