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Bamix handheld blender, worth it?

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    Bamix handheld blender, worth it?

    Hi! I wonder anyone used the brand before and how would you compare to other brands?
    I'm thinking of buying it online through some UK online retailer since the voltage is compatible to Hong Kong and the price is at least half of the same here. Besides, I had a very bad experience with the local sole distributor and I'm thinking complain about this with the manufacturer.
    Any suggestons?

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    The bamix may seem pricey but for it's power and capability, it is value for money. You never need to transfer food to be blended into the blender, as for traditional blenders, and the bamix is so powerful, it sucks everything into the blades n gets the job done, whatever your job is, in seconds. Easily my most valuable kitchen gadget, and I have many.we use it for soups, pastes, nuts, breadcrumbs, etc. Buy it! You won't look back!

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