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Domestic Helper Salary

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    Domestic Helper Salary

    We have recently moved to HK, and are now going through the process of hiring a helper. I'm after some idea of the current "market" rate.
    I understand that "westerners" have a repuation for paying more than the minimum (OK), and it seems that salaries vary depending on experience? What should I expect to pay a Filippino, with say 6 years experience, who would care for 2 young children, and do basic household chores?

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    There is a govt established minimum. Some people pay above that based on the qualifications and the responsibilities of the helper.

    Govt policies and wages are outlined here.


    I might want to avoid dicussing this on a forum, as you're bound to find someone who thinks you're paying too much and others who think you're paying too little.

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    Salaries range from min $3270 - $5000. I'm sure if you interview a helper who is earning above min wage she will make it clear what her salary expectations are.

    Many people pay min wage but give bonuses throughout the year (Xmas, Chinese New Year, Birthdays..etc).

    We have some good tips from the author of "Helper's Helper" that you may find useful in identifying the right person.


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