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Dog Parks in HK

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    Wink Dog Parks in HK

    Does anyone know of any Dog Parks in HK or any area's that allow dogs to walk other than the streets in Central?. I did see a dog being walked in part of the Botanical Garden's. I didnt think dogs where allowed there

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    Dogs aren't allowed in the Botanical Gardens, as far as I know.

    Some good places to go: Victoria Peak gardens, way at the top of the hill above the Peak Tram; in country parks; on places like Lamma island, where they all seem to run free; on the peninsula beyond Shek O village. There's a great walk from Hong Kong University along the catchment that runs to Queen Mary's hospital. You can take dogs off leash at most of these places without much problem.

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    Dogs under 20kg are allowed off the lease anywhere if they are "under control" (the onus is on you to prove it in the event of a problem). Over 20kg they can only be let off the leash in a country park. 40% of HK is country park so it really shouldn't be too hard to find some!

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    There is another thread somewhere on here that has some links to commercial dog parks.

    KIA - do you have the link?

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    KIA, the links to dog parks in HK don't seem to be working anymore, but this info would be quite useful. Is there any way to reactivate them?


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