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Hip Hop Jeans

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    Hip Hop Jeans

    I was on the way out of the MTR the other day and in front of me were a young couple hand in hand. The boy was walking rather bow-legged and I thought that maybe this is the latest fashion. Then I noticed that he was wearing a pair of those hip hop jeans which seem to be cut for people with sagging buttocks - you know where the inside leg measurement is less than 16 inches. Going up the stairs I then noticed that his gate got wider and wider and soon realised that his jeans were no longer covering his arse and his jockey shorts were open to all. He seemed to be unconcerned about this and his wide gate was just his way of keeping his jeans from falling around his feet!

    I may sound old but it certainly was not like that in my day.

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    hahahaha....i did that a lot as a kid before i invested in a belt. in the US, some jurisdictions have laws against sagging pants..guys sag 'em so low that their pubic hair shows..or wasn't the cut that made 'em sag, it was the fact they were too big in the waist and he hadn't belted em up right...
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