Dance Classes for Adults


Dancing classes that are good at training expats in Hong Kong.

Ballet (1)

Ballet classes are increasingly popular in Hong Kong with children and teens, and often with adults too. We list popular Hong Kong ballet schools in this section.

Ballroom Dance (0)

Listings of popular ballroom dancing schools in Hong Kong. Ballroom dancing is not only popular as a recreational activities, but also as a competitive sport as it is seen prestigious for many a socialite to be seen dancing at competitive international events.

Belly Dance (2)

Belly dancing is increasingly popular in Hong Kong - as a fitness activity. We list popular belly dancing schools in Hong Kong, in this section.

Hip Hop and Urban (1)

Classes that teach Hip Hop and other urban / casual dancing in Hong Kong - great for both social dancing and improving your fitness.

Latin Dance (2)

Latin dances - (including Salsa, Cha Cha and Mambo to name a few) are popular as a recreational activity in Hong Kong. We list popular latin dance classes in this section.

Salsa Dancing (3)

Come destress after work by grooving to some Latin tunes by indulging in the rhythm of the music, practicing your footwork and rhythm with trained professionals in a variety of salsa classes.

Swing Dance (1)

Swing dance classes available in Hong Kong.